Hey! I'm Jon Lewis.

I help small businesses use digital marketing and marketing technology to drive revenue programs.

Let's build something great together.

Digital marketing programs that drive revenue.

Let’s level up your digital marketing game. Whether you need help building completely new programs, or just need a hand optimizing and running your existing ones, I’m here to fill in the gaps.

Digital Marketing

From strategy to crafting content, I build digital marketing programs that drive revenue for your business.

Marketing Automation

I help you understand what tools are out there to automate and scale your digital marketing efforts.

Marketing Analytics

I can teach you how to measure and optimize your digital marketing programs based on real data.

Digital Marketing + Writing

Digital marketing is a requirement for any modern business. It is engrained into the buying journey for every potential customer, regardless of your industry or product. I’m here to help you adopt digital marketing programs that actually bring results to your business.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Learn about the why and how of digital marketing for your business. We will uncover the goals of your business and audience, then define digital marketing activities to turn them into happy customers.

Content Writing + Promotion

Digital marketing doesn’t happen until the pen hits paper. From planning a blogging and social media calendar to writing copy for web and landing pages, I turn words into action. 

Email Marketing and Design

Email is the most powerful digital marketing channel. It’s how you nurture people after they’ve taken that first step with you. I’ll help you design an email program with beautifully designed and written emails.

Making your life easier with HubSpot.

HubSpot is a one-stop shop for managing and scaling the activities that make money for your business. I’m a certified HubSpot expert with hundreds of hours of hands-on experience building, implementing and integrating marketing and sales programs with HubSpot.


Manage and automate social media, email and advertising programs in one place, alongside your marketing contact database.


Manage and automate sales outreach activities in the same place as your marketing activities. Spend less time on admin and more time on selling.


Manage and automate customer support tickets and live messaging in the same place as marketing and sales so you can retain and grow your customers.


Manage and automate your eCommerce activities in one location to capture new customers and keep existing customers coming back.

Marketing Analytics + Measurement

The final step in any successful marketing strategy or program is to be able to measure and optimize. Go from gut instinct to data-driven marketing programs by adopting and integrating marketing analytics tools into your day-to-day.


Learn how to setup and use Google Analytics to measure your website and marketing activities and start making informed marketing decisions.


Need to prove your work to executives? Build dynamic dashboards based on Google Analytics to quickly and easily see your marketing performance over time.


Success is more than just what happens on your website. We will lay out and measure your existing marketing and sales funnels and identify areas of improvement.

Let’s chat about your digital marketing.