Hey! I'm Jon Lewis.

I help small businesses use digital marketing and marketing technology to drive revenue programs.

Let's build something great together.

Digital marketing programs that drive revenue.

Let’s level up your digital marketing game. Whether you need help building completely new programs, or just need a hand optimizing and running your existing ones, I’m here to fill in the gaps.

Digital Marketing

From strategy to crafting content, I build digital marketing programs that drive revenue for your business.

Marketing Automation

I help you understand what tools are out there to automate and scale your digital marketing efforts.

Marketing Analytics

I can teach you how to measure and optimize your digital marketing programs based on real data.

Tools and automation to make money in your sleep.

Technology was supposed to make our lives easier—not harder. I’m here to help you adopt and optimize digital marketing tools to scale and automate your programs.


HubSpot is a one-stop shop for marketing. You can use it to capture contacts from your website, run email marketing, publish to social media, and so much more.


HubSpot can be used to manage sales leads, accounts, and deals. You can automate outreach and documents so you never let a lead go cold.


Data is everything. I provide Google Analytics setup and reporting support, as well as custom workshops to help you get real with your digital marketing performance.


Messaging is the next big channel in digital marketing. I can implement and integrate a real-time messaging tool appropriate for your business.


HubSpot isn’t for everyone, but there are tons of awesome tools that are right for your business. I’ll help you find and adopt the best marketing tools for your specific needs.


Marketing is a messy field, with tons of documents, assets, and briefs flying around. I’ve got a wide palette of tools to help you reign in your marketing operations.

Digital Marketing + Culture Blog

Every lesson that I learn about building digital marketing programs and running marketing teams gets turned into posts right here.

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